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Tony's main guitar music center training、Chongqing to learn the guitar、The guitar teaching、Especially in the kerry、Learn the electric guitar、Learn drums、Training of drums、Piano training、Adult piano、Children's piano、The piano teaching、Vocal music training、Adult vocal music、Children's vocal music、Guitar purchase, etc,Tony is big department of music company's brands。Committed to music education training and musical instrument sales chain。
Tony has ten years experience in teaching,Sea turtles and teachers。
Tony has the first-class teaching facilities and environment with love。
Tony is an AmericanNAMMMembers around the world,We can provide the most internationalized teaching service。
Tony is the karma,The United StatesRP,MalaysiaRAINIE,AustraliaGM,South KoreaSPEARAndTONYMusical Instruments,We can provide low price and high quality Musical Instruments。

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    The guitar training教授的The guitar还被称为结他或者是六弦琴,Shape similar to fiddle,It is a kind of instrument,There are usually six strings,Is a toggle above the strings of the sound of a string playing Musical Instruments,The guitar type the most“Aristocrats”The classical guitar and violin、The piano and listed as a world famous three Musical Instruments

    Musical Instruments: The guitar

    The material: Wood

    Apply to gender: Male\The female

    Pattern: The animals、Insects...

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Chongqing piano piano introduction of training

Chongqing piano piano is in training“The king of Musical Instruments”。Learn the piano has a lot of benefits。We can not only learn the piano playing skills,You can also learn a rich and comprehensive knowledge of music,The package...

Chongqing guitar training portal content

The baptism of guitar training is actually a kind of music,Hayden said:“The real meaning of art is to make people happy,Make people get inspiration and strength。”And music as an art is indispensable...

Chongqing vocal skills training needs

With the popularity of art test,Vocal music training has gradually entered the art take an examination of the door,Vocal music is a form of singing,But in its essence is a big difference,Exquisite singing styles,No...

The importance of chongqing children's vocal music training singing training

Chongqing children's vocal music training is a kind of children learning music,Is a very important link。Let's take a look at children's vocal music singing training is how to make the operation。 Shout...